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Our Team

of two Denturologists that will make you want to smile!
Sarah Lapierre d.d.


Laboratory auxiliary and  administrative assistant since 2001

denturist since 2016

Terrebonne clinic 

"Ensuring the continuity of the personalised and professional services my father has always offered at our clinique is of utmost importance to me"           

 Sarah Lapierre d.d.

Sarah Lapierre Denturologiste
denturologiste terrebonne
Mélanie Côté d.d.


treating patients with the clinic since 2007


Terrebonne clinic

"What I like about our clinic, is mainly our approach.

 Everything is done in good humor."

                                                                             Mélanie Côté d.d. 


    Our beginnings

Bruno Lapierre d.d.



in 1984

Bruno Lapierre denturologiste

Beginning his career as a dental technician in 1979, it soon became clear to Bruno Lapierre that he wanted to do more than just work behind the scenes.


After obtaining his permit as denturist in 1980, he opened his first office on Chemin Gascon in Terrebonne in 1984, where he worked alongside dentist Denis Richard.


It was in the early 90s that he would grow his business by joining denturist Jacques Charrier to offer services in Chomedey Laval.


After 16 years on Chemin Gascon, Bruno decided to move his business to its current location, 4530 d'Angora. It is there, in the year 2001, that his daughter Sarah Lapierre would start working alongside him as a receptionist and aiding in the lab under his guidance.


In 2007 the clinic welcomed denturist Mélanie Côté to offer more services to the growing clientele. 


After deciding to go back to school in 2013 to learn the family trade, Sarah obtained her diploma In 2016 and began treating patients.


After 34 years of dedication to his clientele, Bruno transferred the control of the clinic to his daughter Sarah in 2018. Since then Sarah and Mélanie aim to provide a continuation of loyal services that Bruno Lapierre always offered.


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